We have a long-term commitment to healthcare design, with a dedicated and experienced team. This team has broad-ranging experience, encompassing strategic hospital masterplanning, primary care, diagnostic medicine facilities, health education, radiotherapy and oncology as well as acute care facilities.

Whilst our experience covers a wide range of specialisations within the healthcare sector, it is our experience in other sectors such as education, culture and commerce which we believe allows us to add value to any healthcare project. In this respect we look to challenge the common perception of healthcare buildings as being ‘institutional’ and aim to deliver a high quality response to site, context and brief with buildings that are welcoming, legible and can install a sense of pride in the communities where they are built.

We believe that good design can deliver direct therapeutic benefits for patients, as well as create stimulating and welcoming environments for staff and visitors alike. We believe in comprehensive end-user consultation throughout the design process, seeking to humanise the experience for all, by designing buildings which reflect everyday environments rather than accepting a patternbook response to healthcare architecture.

To learn more about our approach to healthcare design, visit the Thought. To view examples of our healthcare projects go to Work the navigation bar above.

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