When Austin-Smith:Lord was founded in 1949, Britain was still in a period of rebuilding following the Second World War, so much of our early work centred around residential projects, and surveys and reparations of war damage. The sector has continued to be a very strong part of our offering since. From the start we have taken the broadest, most holistic approach possible to housing, trying to see things from the perspective of community and place as well as individual dwellings. Landscape and the ability to identify with a place is crucial: we believe a home’s setting plays a vital role. We look to build homes that are flexible and adaptable to change, since families and times change too, and it should go without saying that we view sustainability not just as an obligation for the planet, but as an opportunity for individual occupiers.

It was the scale of housing projects in the Northwest for which we were being commissioned, following much residential work in London and for the military services, that initiated our nationwide growth as a practice, and in modern times the success of our schemes is frequently recognised through the awards we win.

To learn more about our approach to residential work, from private dwellings to affordable housing, visit Thought. To view examples of our work from the large variety of residential projects we have worked on, choose a sector from Work in the navigation bar above.

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