Cheshire Business Park

Austin-Smith:Lord has created a residential masterplan for 160 new family houses on a 4.4ha site on the edge of the Cheshire Business Park in Lostock Gralam, near Northwich. The masterplan supported the change of the extant employment planning use to residential under an outline planning application.

A complimentary palette of high quality materials is proposed for the site. Home Zones create attractive streets with a sense of space that give priority to the pedestrian, while motorists are forced to drive with greater care and at lower speeds. Surface materials, street furniture, trees and planting beds are used to alter the street layout and enhance residential areas. Doors and windows of properties face onto the public realm to create safe streets and open spaces, while a variety of house sizes are proposed throughout the site ensuring that repetitive house types are avoided. Relocation of the existing bund allows strong active frontage onto Stubbs lane, responding to the residential frontage opposite, and ensuring the development doesn’t turn its back on the local community.

Outline planning approval was given in January 2011.

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