Hamadryad Residential Development

The Hamadryad Regeneration project involves the provision of high quality affordable housing on a former hospital site located close to Cardiff Bay, alongside the River Taff.

The project presented significant design challenges due to its prominent location when viewed from the Taff river corridor across open playing fields and its proximity to the Victorian, Hamadrayad Hospital building and nearby residential communities. The site also contained a number of mature trees with Tree Preservation Orders and was relatively constrained within an area of land wrapping around the retained hospital building, bounded by iron railings and mature hedges.

Our design solution was to create a high quality central courtyard space, alongside the Victorian hospital, having a shared surface to accommodate pedestrians and cars bounded by terraces of contemporary housing on two sides and a taller apartment building to the west.

The dwellings are designed to meet Code for Sustainable Homes Level 3.

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