Our competition proposal creates a new place for a new community; families returning to the heart of the city. A range of dwelling types cater for the full lifecycle of a family from a couple, through expansion for children, to contraction to a couple again.

Courtyard houses balance the need for private outdoor space within the family home, with public realm that creates a focus for the community. A linear park creates a strong connection through the site, linking the proposed park to the south and the Collier Street Baths to the north. A series of varied landscape treatments along the route include a public square, a birch grove, a wildflower orchard and areas for water play. Shallow water channels running through the linear park form part of the SUDs strategy, animating the landscape and creating opportunities for pleasure and play.

The historic street pattern is maintained with new home zones where pedestrians and children playing have priority over vehicles.  Each house has it’s own indigenous fruit tree in the courtyard, while edible gardens on roof terraces and an orchard create opportunities for food sharing and the focus for a sustainable local community.

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