Low Borland Farm Byres

 Low Borland Farm is a B listed group of farm buildings. The brief was to convert the three byres to the south of the existing farmhouse to form a new three bedroom house with three public rooms. The new house was to have separate access from the farmhouse and preserve the privacy of the farmhouse entrance courtyard.
The existing byres had limited openings which could not be increased or enlarged due to the listing of this historic farm. However, the client wished to take advantage of vistas of the surrounding country side. This was provided in the glazed byre links and in a new byre of similar scale but with large areas of glazing looking down the valley.
Using the local plan allowance of 30% extension of existing building to provide a new byre to meet client’s requirement.  Large areas of glazing taking advantage of spectacular vistas and to accommodate Historic Scotland’s requirements that the existing byres had no additional openings retaining small window fenestration.

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