Maple Grove, Livingston

This project was for a 56 unit housing development for Almond Housing Association, made up of 24 flat units and 32 housing units.

The design responds to the elongated site by positioning frontage development on each side of a “street” which drops steeply down the site from the access point, at the high end of the site, down towards the existing local park at the lower end of the site. A pedestrian focused space is created through the choice of surface finishes, restricted road widths and the use of minimal changes in level.

Surface finishes, tree and hedge planting are positioned accordingly, in response to each block of housing to create a sequence of spaces along the length of the road access. This visually breaks up the areas of parking and reduces the perception of a long linear vehicle access.

A SUDs pond at the lower end of the development, within the existing public park, provides further planting opportunities  and assists with knitting  the new development with the adjacent park and woodland. Planting selection introduces seasonal interest, variety and colour.

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