New development, regeneration and conservation must result in environmental enhancement.

Urban Design

Urban design fuses the disciplines of architecture, landscape architecture and planning to develop visions for successful places, most commonly in the form of masterplans and design frameworks. It is about the process as well as the product of placemaking, because how a vision is developed and then delivered is critical not only to the successful creation of attractive and sustainable cities, towns and villages, but to whether the plans themselves come to be implemented at all.

At Austin-Smith:Lord we pride ourselves on the number of masterplans and frameworks we have prepared which have subsequently been delivered by us and others. This stands in sharp contrast to the numerous reports that litter urban design practice, gathering dust and failing to deliver any positive change whatsoever. The key to producing work that actually becomes real, work that is viable, and which then goes on to make a difference to people is a great deal of experience, recourse to a broad range of skills to inform every aspect of the process, and a high degree of sensitivity in order to understand needs, manage the process itself to maximum effect, and ensure the correct application of design skills and innovation. It’s one thing to deliver and understand a shape on a page, but quite another to know how it works in three dimensions, in place, in time, and with real people. It is this difference that makes all the difference.

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