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Urban Regeneration

Places which are successful are durable and adaptable. Our holistic approach to urban regeneration is one which seeks to build upon the positive aspects of a place and enhance these characteristics, whilst addressing its shortcomings to create a vision which will sustain itself socially, economically and environmentally. If the fundamentals of sustainable urban planning are applied then the benefits of this approach can far exceed the value of technical fixes to building construction addressing solely environmental issues. Urban regenenation enables sustainable place-making and we champion a common sense approach which learns lessons from what works and when it should be applied, based on observation, evidence and experience.

Places that are cherished, easy to manage and maintain, flexible and adaptable to change are sustainable. Places which provide a mix of functions as a place to live, work and visit will sustain urban living. Districts and neighbourhoods which enable access to an array of services and activities with ease and without reliance on the car will endure and promote healthy places which are animated and activated by people in the spaces between buildings. Through careful planning and design, resource efficiency can be promoted by creating places with good micro-climates which capture the sun and shelter from the prevailing weather, and minimise energy consumption and running costs whilst supporting ecology and bio-diversity.

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