Aeddan Berry

Aeddan Berry

MArch(prof) BA(Hons)

Aeddan joined Austin-Smith:Lord in 2021 and combines a strong traditional architectural skillset and innovative flair with experience in a diverse range of heritage work. He’s particularly proud of the work he did at the award-winning ‘Yr Ysgwrn’ (European Heritage Europa Nostra Award 2019 & Welsh Architecture Award 2018) the home of Welsh poet ‘Hedd Wyn’.

Aeddan gained his Masters in Architecture from Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. His thesis was ‘Hiraeth: Re-interpreting Welsh vernacular architecture in a post-industrial society’.

He is passionate about history, landscape and the sensitive integration of sustainable and contemporary design, with a particular interest in conveying the innate sense of place. Aeddan has a deep love of contemporary Welsh vernacular architecture and is earnest to be part of its future.

Outside work, Aeddan enjoys rugby, sailing and adding to his arboretum.