Austin-Smith: Lord announce new Chief Executive

Graham Ross

Austin-Smith: Lord announce new Chief Executive

We are delighted to announce Graham Ross as Austin-Smith: Lord’s new Chief Executive.

Working through these strange and difficult times has really focused our attention on our core beliefs and company culture. At the heart of this is always putting people first. So, keeping this central tenet intact and looking at new ways to nurture it for the future, we have taken the opportunity to redefine how we work and restructure the business around this goal. Leading us in this fresh endeavour, we are delighted to announce that Graham Ross will take on the new role for the practice of Chief Executive.

Graham joined the practice in 1998, and became a Partner in 2010. Graham has led many of our projects in urban regeneration, arts and culture, housing, transportation and education.

Graham RossIt is a great honour to be asked to be Austin-Smith:Lord’s new Chief Executive. I’ve been immensely proud of the way our talented multi-disciplinary team, located across the UK, have worked together as One Studio throughout the Covid pandemic to progress some amazing projects for great clients. That team spirit, collective resilience, commitment to design quality, knowledge sharing and professionalism stand us in good stead for the future.

“I look forward to being inspired by the collective creativity and knowledge of colleagues, clients and communities as we explore how best to design sustainable and healthy buildings and landscapes that enhance quality of life and respect our planet, people and places.” Graham Ross, Chief Executive