New Flats completed in Glasgow’s Southside for Bield Housing & Care

New Flats completed in Glasgow's Southside for Bield Housing & Care

Thirty new flats in Mamore Street, in Glasgow’s Southside, are now complete and occupied by residents.

The design for Bield Housing and Care is two storey corridor access flats fronting all three sides of the triangular site. The entrance is at the northern apex of the development.  Access to first floor is by stair and lift from the apex foyer.  Visitors follow the inner curve of the stair enclosure to the first floor foyer.  The red curved stair wall terminates the development at the junction of Mamore Street and Glenspean Street.

The flats are all designed to Housing for Varying Needs standards and include facilities such as level access showers, parcel shelf adjacent to the door handle and low level cills to allow residents to see out from a seated position.

The corridor access is single sided and heated providing a buffer zone between the flats and the external air.  The single sided corridors allow reference to external spaces allowing residents to orientate themselves avoiding confusion for some residents who have declining faculties.