UWE Digital Media Hub video piece created by UWE student team

University West of England Collage

UWE Digital Media Hub video piece created by UWE student team

When it came to commissioning a video piece to capture the completed Digital Media Hub at UWE, we needed to look no further than the students for whom the building was designed.  This seemed like a perfect opportunity for us to continue our relationship with the building and its occupants beyond the post occupancy review exercises being undertaken.

We met with students Kyle Griffiths, Connor Hall, Toby Hallett and Todd Sinden with support from Student Learning Support Assistant Molly Denton, to set out our brief and invited them to return a proposal to us, exactly as we would with commercial video organisations. The response was enthusiastic and very professional and the team soon set about creating video footage to suit the agreed storyboard. It was great fun for us to be part of the process and a nice twist to become client for a while.

Indeed, Tom Barker, part of our Bristol based architectural team, has had a very interesting journey; firstly he was a UWE student, graduating in 2016, before joining us to work for the university on the project and finally becoming the University’s client in commissioning the video. He has truly seen UWE life from all sides now.

We are delighted with the quality of the completed video piece and pleased to share it with you as a combined record of both our work and that of the Digital Media Hub students.

Watch the video below or click here